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speeding & congestion are still major concerns



Even with improvements to local streets, speeding and traffic are still problems for many homeowners. To reduce speeding we need a change in habits and priorities. Late for work, school, or a medical appointment - driving under the speed limit is not what we do. Getting mad and rushing is not smart or safe for school children, runners, walkers, and other drivers.


The main issue facing the Association continues to be speeding and traffic on neighborhood streets.  The Association has developed partnerships with the Dixie School District, Terra Linda High School, Saint Marks School, Kaiser Permanente and the San Rafael Police Department to communicate traffic and speeding problems within our community.


With residents of Terra Linda continuing to express their strong desire to have relief from speeding and traffic on neighborhood streets; the Terra Linda Homeowners’ Association continues to encourage neighbors to respect the neighborhood they live in.  The City of San Rafael conducts speed surveys and has confirmed that speeding is a problem, especially on streets like Las Pavadas Avenue and Montecillo Road.  In addition to stepped up periods of enforcement by the Police we continue to discuss this issue with Kaiser Permanente and our various schools; however, the data indicates a large  portion of the speeding is occurring outside of the commute periods.  We are our worst problem.  Let's stop and take stock.  Our hope is that people would be reminded they are driving past homes where children play, walk to school, and are learning to ride bikes, areas where elderly enjoy walking and where dogs walkers are common.


We as an Association have embarked on the challenge to educate our community.  We have begun a grass roots effort to reduce neighborhood speeding.  The goal of our grass roots campaign is to get neighbors to respect one another and drive the speed limit.  Specific concerns are:




Drive 25 mph on residential streets


Come to a complete stop at Stop Signs


Give pedestrians the right of way; being especially vigilant for children walking to school, runners, bicyclists, the elderly and mothers with children.


Our Speeding and Traffic Committee has been brainstorming ideas to let neighbors know driving through Terra Linda should be done with courtesy and care for others.  The Committee asks the membership’s help in implementing the first step in the outreach program which is to contact residents asking them to drive through our neighborhood with caution and care.  The outreach is through a door hanger.  The link below will allow you to printout the door hanger so you can make copies to place one on the front door of every home on your block.  The door hanger will also work for car windscreens for areas like Montecillo Road opposite the Kaiser campus.


Click HERE for TLHOA Door Hanger


Our plan is to reach every home in Terra Linda. 


We know coming from the freeway and boulevard it is difficult without a conscious effort to drive 25 mph  on a road you are very familiar with.  Please when driving in Terra Linda we ask that you are as thoughtful as you want others to be when driving past your home.  We also ask that if your home has a young driver that you remind them to exercise caution when driving.  In addition it would be much appreciated if you are having guests that you ask them also to drive considerately through Terra Linda.  Finally, let’s continue to work hard together to make Terra Linda a safe and courteous place to live.


Article by Reuel Brady

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