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Maria B. Freitas Park improvements

Our neighborhood plan for Manuel B. Freitas Park North, including the labyrinth and park enhancements, was presented to the City of San Rafael Park & Recreation Commission on January 19, 2017 (click here to see copies of the plan in our Annual Report tab).  The plan was approved without modifications but the Commission is not recommending the plan to the city council for adoption at this time. The Commission wants to see more support and investment by our neighborhood.  Please send letters of support to Debbie Younkin, Community Services at 618 B Street, San Rafael, CA, 94901 or via email to and please support this neighborhood effort to build a wonderful addition to our community.

Even though more neighborhood support is needed the city did provide a letter commemorating our partnership to improve the park.  Click HERE for a copy of the partnership letter.  The City has determined that several pine trees inspected for diseased will not need to be removed. 


The Park Enhancement Committee is moving forward with collecting donations to make improvements in line with the developed plan; however, the most important item "landscaping" is being deferred until recycled water is available.  Once water is available for landscaping then the Park Enhancement Committee will work with the city volunteer program to add a labyrinth feature and landscaping.  Presently funds donated will be used for new tables and benches.  

We are hopeful our community will work together to give support and gifts, no matter how small, to realize the vision of an adult park that is tranquil, soothing, and refreshing.


ways you can donate:



At our Annual Meeting each January.




Attn: Park Fund

P.O. Box 6405

San Rafael, CA 94903



TLHOA is a 501 C3 organization with a tax ID number of 23–7176553.

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