Post Office Box 6167

San Rafael, CA 94903

    The annual meeting will be held at Mark Day School, 39 Trellis Drive

    To find the meeting, walk through to the courtyard

    The Flex Room is by the picnic tables

    Membership Info

    The Terra Linda Homeowners' Association annual meeting will be held on Thursday, January 16, 2020.  Click Here for meeting Agenda.

    Our dues are $10 per calendar year and can be sent via mail to the post office box below


          Terra Linda Homeowners' Association

          P.O. Box 6167

          San Rafael, CA 94903-0405


    or can be paid on-line through the PayPal button below.  The total on-line charge is $10.58.  The on-line fee is 58 cents which is just a few cents more than the cost of a stamp and is added to the $10 membership dues.  Note our dues is not prorated and is a flat rate for any part of the membership period. Before paying, we recommend that you check to see if you have an existing recurring payment 

    If mailing your payment, please provide your name, street address and email. 


    Please click the PayPal button below to pay your annual membership dues online.