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Graffiti Abatement

The City of San Rafael graffiti removal program partners with homeowners to remove graffiti from private property using volunteer labor.

Click HERE for the city's Graffiti Removal Authorization form.

The City in the first step in its Graffiti removal partnership program has developed a Graffiti Action Plan, including work across several departments.


The Public Works Department:

  • Removes graffiti from public property

  • Manages the graffiti abatement contractor

The San Rafael Police Department:

  • Is responsible for graffiti abatement from private property

  • Enforces the City's municipal code ordinance

  • Conducts vandalism investigations

Several aspects of the Graffiti Action Plan (GAP) were set in motion while the GAP was being developed. The primary emphasis of the graffiti removal partnership program is on volunteerism. Tactics are built around three main strategies, Eradication, Enforcement and Education, and are broken down into 6 month, 12 month, and 24 month timelines with the intention of building a program that will be sustainable over the long run. More information on how to report graffiti and how to distinguish between public and private property can be found by clicking on the Graffiti Hotline


The TLHOA is asking its membership to consider volunteering a few hours to remove graffiti in Terra Linda.  A homeowner is responsible for the graffiti abatement on their property and this is a chance for us to help our neighbors while also keeping Terra Linda looking good.  Please contact TLHOA at to express your interest in helping, and we will connect you with the forthcoming Volunteer training in graffiti abatement.  In addition to the Graffiti Hotline you can also contact us if graffiti has soiled your property.  Our goal is to assist by requesting membership help as problems occur.  Thank you in advance for caring about the community we live in.

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