Post Office Box 6167

San Rafael, CA 94903


    During 2018 the Association had 160 members and used membership revenue for operating expenses.  The principal charges for the year were the annual solicitation ($735) and the Post Office Box fee ($134). The end of year fund balance was approximately $6,958.

    ​In 2018 our Park Enhancement committee moved forward with collecting donations for Maria B. Freitas Park.  To date the funds collected including an Association contribution total $2,347 for new tables and benches.  In addition, the repairs to the musical play feature that was funded by the Association in 2016 were completed.

    Last July the Association supported the city Park-a-Month volunteer cleanup program with weeding, mulch spreading, and vegetation trimming at Marie B. Freitas Park.

    The goal of the Fire Prevention Committee was to improved homeowner preparations for possible wildfires in our area.  During the year Committee members attended several fire preparedness meetings/town halls.


    The Committee discovered that Fire in Marin was a great resource of information and elected to create a web page to provide links for up to date information, checklists, and plans to help homeowners and residents prepare for potential wildfires.  The link to the web page is https://www.terralindahoa.com/fire-prevention

    In 2018 the Community Development Committee actively represented the interests of the Association on three projects during the last year:

    1.  Second story expansion at 16 Nova Albion

    2.  Four Points Sheraton proposed in-fill housing

    3.  Former Anne Curtis Swim Club re-development

    Through a coordinated campaign of letter-writing, point-by-point critique of each project and in-person statements at Planning Commission and Design Review Board Meetings, the committee’s goal was to influence project decisions that, if built, result in developments that are consistent with our community.   The main areas of focus were:  density, traffic, safety, preservation of light and views.

    During the year the Association continued participated in a community group put together by our member Shirley Fisher to develop several alternatives for the extension of the bike and pedestrian path from the Northgate Mall to the Civic Center SMART station.  This project will complete the Northgate Promenade from the Mall to the Civic Center.  Currently plan alternatives are being completed by the city where a preferred alternative will be selected by the City Council.  At this point the construction is unfunded.

    The new owners of the Northgate Mall have been considering changes that could re-develop all or part the mall.  In 2018 the Terra Linda Homeowners’ Association continued dialogue with the mall to represent our Association as change is considered.  So far, no changes have been proposed.

    The Association also supported through the City planning process the vision by Kaiser Permanente to reduce traffic in our area with their proposal to add Medical Offices and construct a Parking Structure on Los Gamo Drive.

    The Parking Safety Committee goal was to find a solution for the overnight parking, noise, and garbage from non-residents parking on Elena Circle.  The Committee looked at some of the time-limited parking changes the City was implementing for East San Rafael/Canal Area.  The key item reviewed was restricting parking to 24 hours instead of the current 72 for residential areas.  This change requires new pole mounted signs to inform the public and enforcement seven day a week.  The Committee did not recommend this approach for the parking situation on Elena Circle.

    Finally for 2018 the Association through its committees and members has engaged the many stakeholders in the Terra Linda area to promote health, beauty, pride, and safety with the goal of maintaining a high quality of life. 

    2018 Annual Report