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2020 Annual Report

At our annual meeting in January 2020, none of us could have predicted the year that we would experience. The crises of the pandemic, wildfire and racial justice have made it clear that we are living history. Throughout the year, Terra Linda Homeowners’ Association (HOA) strived to provide critical information to our members about the shelter-in-place orders and wildfire prevention. We also helped our members connect with elected officials and city staff on issues of importance, and worked alongside neighboring communities as part of the Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods.


Members of the Terra Linda HOA were engaged on many city-wide efforts, including the General Plan Update 2040 and changes to the design review process. The work of the HOA was primarily accomplished through the Community Development Committee and the HOA Board of Directors, which serve as the elected members of the HOA. 


During 2020, the HOA had 183 household members. We began the year with $5,356.32 in assets and ended with $6,235.61. Principal costs included expenses for the January 2020 annual meeting, P.O. box, website domain, and membership in the Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods. A special thank you to our Treasurer Kim Keith-Brown who continues to help ensure that we do not have duplicate payments on the PayPal platform. 


On behalf of the HOA, the Community Development Committee identified areas for direct engagement guided by a belief that it is important for the HOA to articulate a vision for how we would like our community to evolve in the future. Highlights include:


  1. General Plan Update 2040 – We submitted three rounds of comments on the North San Rafael section of the Neighborhoods Element, and were pleased that subsequent drafts adopted most of the recommendations. Our efforts were complemented by Responsible Growth Marin’s work to inform the GP Mobility Element through analysis and recommendations on transportation methodologies and standards, and Marin Conservation League’s input on protecting environmental quality as an objective in land use and transportation planning.


  1. North San Rafael Priority Development Area (PDA) – The HOA submitted a request in November 2019 for the City to apply for Priority Development Area for the Northgate area, including the three shopping centers and surrounding offices and commercial buildings, and the City Council approved this application in 2020. The PDA designation created opportunities for the City to apply for regional funds for development of a Specific or a Precise Plan for the PDA area. The PDA offers a unique opportunity for the HOA to inform planning in a way that reflects a community-based North San Rafael vision. 


  1. Design Review Changes – In September 2020, City staff proposed a one-year pilot intended to streamline the design review process by creating a smaller subcommittee, the Design Review Advisory Committee (DRAC). The HOA responded with two letters to the City Council and to DRB members raising questions about the composition, jurisdiction and authority of the proposed DRAC, and whether it would diminish input from design professionals and the public. The Community Development Committee will continue to monitor the issue when it is taken up by the DRB in early 2021 before being sent back to the City Council for a final decision.


Through its committees and members, the HOA has engaged the many stakeholders in the Terra Linda area to promote health, beauty, pride and safety with the goal of maintaining a high quality of life.  

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