2019 Annual Report


During 2019, the Terra Linda Homeowners’ Association (HOA) had 196 member households and used membership revenue to cover operating expenses. The principal costs were the mailing to all eligible members of Terra Linda HOA ($1,814.55) and the Post Office Box ($366). In addition, Treasurer Kim Keith-Brown addressed the issue of duplicate payments on PayPal, which had been an issue for several years. 


Members of the Terra Linda HOA were engaged in many city-wide efforts, including proposed developments, the general plan update and wildfire prevention. The work of the HOA was primarily accomplished through the Community Development Committee and the HOA Board, which serve as the elected members of the HOA. 

Below are a few highlights of the year:


Wildfire Prevention Committee: HOA President Gina Daly was appointed by Mayor Gary Phillips to serve on the Wildfire Advisory Committee representing North San Rafael. The committee provided feedback on proposed changes to San Rafael’s Wildfire Prevention Plan in order to ensure that any new enforcement actions balance the need to protect public safety with cost and feasibility concerns. The updated plan can be accessed here.


Costco/Merlone Geiger: In July, the Terra Linda HOA Board and Community Development Committee met with Stephen Logan from Merlone Geiger and representatives from Costco to discuss their proposal for the Northgate Mall. At the time, they had not yet submitted their pre-proposal to the city of San Rafael and therefore didn’t discuss many specifics of the proposal. In September, Terra Linda HOA members also attended Merlone Geiger’s two open houses about the Costco proposal to gather information and provide feedback. In October, Terra Linda HOA held a special HOA meeting to discuss the future of the Northgate Mall. Stephen Logan from Merlone Geiger gave a presentation on their vision for the Northgate Mall, including the community survey results, and listened to community member feedback about our vision for the mall as a community town center. Following the special meeting, the Planning Commission and Design Review Board evaluated the Costco proposal and received numerous community comments in opposition to the pre-proposal, including comments from several members of the Terra Linda HOA. Given the negative feedback that the proposal received, we heard from the mall owner's representative that they are not sure if Costco will resubmit a new application for review and if they did it would "obviously have to have significant changes" based on the comments received during the pre-application process. It hasn't been denied because it hadn't been formally submitted yet and now there is a possibility that they won't submit it for final review. We will continue to monitor any proposals for the Northgate Mall and will inform HOA membership about how they can engage in the public process. 


General Plan Update 2040: In June, Terra Linda HOA Board Members and the Community Development Committee met with Barry Miller, San Rafael General Plan 2040 Project Manager, and Raffi Boyolan, Planning Manager for City of San Rafael, to discuss the neighborhoods element of the General Plan Update 2040. After reviewing the existing plan, the Terra Linda HOA Board, in coordination with the Community Development Committee, we requested a North San Rafael Neighborhood plan. Barry informed us that staff is supportive of including this in the General Plan and will be including it in the Draft Land Use Element, as well as the Neighborhoods Element.


Ann Curtis:

After Campus Property Group’s plan to build a 16-unit condominium project failed to win the support of the Design Review Board in December 2018, five-time Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian and his business partner Will Copeland, a former swim team mate at his alma mater, the University of California at Berkeley, purchased the Ann Curtis School of Swimming at 25 Golden Hinde Blvd. Many members of the Terra Linda HOA are pleased that the Ann Curtis pool will remain as a recreation space.


Through its committees and members, the HOA has engaged the many stakeholders in the Terra Linda area to promote health, beauty, pride, and safety with the goal of maintaining a high quality of life. 



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