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To the Terra Linda Homeowners' Association 

Neighbors working together to build community 

Our Site is Getting a Makeover!

Thank you for being patient while we revamp our  organization and website to better meet the needs of our community!

While you're here, click Notices, News & Info for details on our upcoming annual meeting!!

The Terra Linda Homeowners' Association (TLHOA) works to address common community concerns by forming partnerships with entities such as the Miller Creek Elementary School District (formerly Dixie School District), Terra Linda High School, Mark Day School, Kaiser Permanente, and the San Rafael Police Department.  For example, the TLHOA has been very successful in working with those partners to address traffic and speeding issues.  Also, in the event of a natural disaster that affects the TLHOA area, the TLHOA corporation structure will allow emergency funding and donations to flow through it to its members.  If you are a homeowner within our boundary please join and stand with other homeowners on issues affecting our quality of life.

Please click HERE to join or renew membership.

Here are links to our By-Laws & Boundary Map. The map is a large file and may take a few moment to open.

January 18, 2017 By-Laws

Boundary Map (Exhibit A)

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